1. After the given transaction time, extra time is granted.

2. By this time, if either the buyer or the seller does not close the transaction, the other may make the following request over time to the other. 「Gentle Reminder」➡︎「Hurry Up!!」➡︎「Timer ON?」

3. If the other party does not respond or deliberately does not close the transaction one hour before the deadline of the extra time, click “Timer ON?” to activate the timer for 30 minutes and send an alert to the other party.

4. If the timer is activated when there is more than 30 minutes remaining in the deadline, the counterpart is automatically reported if the transaction is not completed before the timer goes off. If the timer is activated when less than 30 minutes remain in the deadline, the other party is automatically reported as soon as the deadline is reached.

5. The player who made the report goes to the “report page”, and submits his case to the admin according to the form of the page, and the report is completed and the admin immediately reviews it. If there are no problems, the penalty will be imposed on the other party.

6. If the player is a buyer, the seller’s sword is automatically delivered to the buyer. If the player is a seller, the player’s sword is matched by priority the next day, and the penalty fine (gold coins) that the opponent pays is attributed to the player. ** The request for confirmation that can be sent to the opponent at extra time is slightly different when the player is a buyer and a seller.

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