P2P trading game


-God Sword-


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Do you have such troubles with "earning system"?

I have to deposit funds

I have to introduce people

I'm worried if the operation is safe

A game for you
is finally here

"GOD: SWORD" is a
P2P trading game where players trade digital items with each other.

What kind of game is it?
Transcendental simple!

Step ①
Select the sword you want and apply for a buy order

It will be automatically matched with the person you want to sell the sword, and

trading will start.

The obtained sword grows automatically.

After purchase, the sword will grow fully automatically over a few days.

Automatically sell to players who want to purchase

At the end of the growing season, the sword will automatically match

buyers and make a profit.

What are the benefits?

Solved all the common problems of games so far

No need to deposit funds!

Since users buy and sell each other,
no specific institution deposits funds.

No need to introduce people!

Successful traders can also profit from the difference in the purchase price of the item.

No worries about price decline!

The sword grows at a fixed interest rate and days.
There is no worry of value decline like virtual currency.


Venus  Citizen  Hero  King  Angel  God

The world is disturbed by the power of darkness
The human heart is sick
It was full of rough incidents

People believed in ancient legends
"~ When this world is disturbed
Those who have the ultimate heart and sword
Become a new god and save the world ~ ”

The people stood up
To bring the light back to the world
To regain freedom

Game flow

Type of sword

Collect stronger swords and save the world with your hands!

Wood sword

Awakening sword that evokes the hot souls of the people

Growth days: 3 days
Growth capacity: 13%
Tariff: 50~200G

Iron sword

A hero's sword that gives strong courage to what you have

Growth days: 5 days
Growth ability: 15%
Tariff: 200~800G

Crystal sword

A magical sword that pushes your potential to the limit

Growth days: 7 days
Growth capacity: 17%
Tariff: 800~3000G

Holy Sword

A holy sword that causes miracles and changes the world

Growth days: 10 days
Growth potential: 25%
Price: 3000 - 20000G

Legend Sword

An invincible sword given to the creator of the legend

Growth days: ???
Growth ability: ???
Tariff: ???

God Sword

The one who gets it is the strongest sword that will become the god of the new world

Growth days: ???
Growth capacity: ???
Tariff: ???

Three major features

There is a reason to choose
among many games

Get high rewards with continuous trading!

By successfully repeating the sword trade
You can even get amazing rewards in a short period of time.

Fully automatic matching eliminates the hassle!

Without looking for a trading partner
Artificial intelligence will automatically find the best partner.

Fully automatic trading with game currency!

Safe trading is possible with the in-game currency "Gold". In addition, you can get a profit on sale at USDT.

Opening commemoration
Super matching chance!

자주하는 질문

Q: What is gold?

A: An in-game currency for paying commissions used for trading.

Q: How much can I buy gold?

A: The price of 1 gold is 1 USDT. You can purchase from 50 USDT.

Q: How to buy gold?

A: You can purchase by sending USDT from outside or by USDT in the app.

Q: What do you need to trade?

A: You can participate in the trade at any time just by having the commission gold.

Q: What is the payment method for trades?

A: In addition to gold for automatic trading and USDT for manual trading,
adopts electronic payment, which is popular among users in each country.

Q: Isn't it difficult to trade?

A: You don't even have to chat with your opponent for automatic gold trading.
Even in the case of manual trading, you can easily do it by simply selecting a message semi-automatically so that you can have a smooth conversation.

Q: What if I have trouble trading?

A: With automatic trading with gold, that worry is zero.
In the case of manual trading, if you contact customer support within the same day, we will provide generous support for resolution.

Q: How can I withdraw USDT?

A: Just press the withdraw button and enter the USDT address of your external wallet.

Q: What is the safest way to buy and sell?

A: If you have the gold you need to buy a sword, it will be traded with your opponent's sword fully automatically, so you don't have to trust or chat with your opponent.

Q: What is the sale price if the other party pays in gold?

A: The same amount of USDT as the gold paid by the other party will be given in the app.
Please send it to the external wallet by yourself.

Q: What if no one has a trading partner?

A: The gold and swords you purchased can be used in upcoming games.
The game can also create liquidity.

Opening commemoration
Super matching chance!

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